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Hello everyone,
I am Julián and I like to define myself as a professional adventurer. My life stories have led me to collaborate with extraordinary people throughout Latin America and in my beloved Patagonia, where my roots are.
After several years in Montpellier, I am pleased to introduce you to my adopted city, its history, its thousands of anecdotes and all the advice that will make your stay here an unforgettable adventure.
See you soon.



Tour guide


I’m Luis, originally from Venezuela, and for the last 10 years, Montpellier has been my home. I’m a lover of languages, with a special interest in ancient and modern Greek thanks to my studies in Classical Literature. What really lights up my world? Music, languages, and travel. I love exploring new places, meeting people from diverse cultures, and of course, indulging in different kinds of music.
As your tour guide, I aim to share my passion for history and the intricate connection between the past and present. My tours are designed to be an engaging journey that not only explores the beautiful sights of Montpellier but also unravels the fascinating stories behind them. Join me on this journey through the charming Montpellier! See you soon!



Tour guide


Hello! My name is Vanessa, a Colombian artist who loves traveling and trying new food. I think there’s nothing better than to have a closer look at history by immersing ourselves in the places and little streets that were the witnesses of everything that happened there. I’ve lived in a couple of places before and now my journey has brought me to Montpellier and I’m enjoying it even more than I expected, a beautiful city that has captivated my heart with not only the art and the landscapes but also its history and its people. I love sharing all my discoveries and my admiration for the city with anyone who comes.